David J. Harrigan, Certified General Appraiser, President
Mr. Harrigan is one of the best known and most experienced appraisal professionals in the state. His considerable expertise ranges from residential and commercial valuations to a thorough knowledge of industry regulatory issues. After attaining a degree in criminal law from the University of Maine at Orono, Mr. Harrigan enrolled in the Real Estate Appraisal program at the University of Maine. He has also successfully completed a number of courses and seminars covering a wide variety of appraising disciplines including residential valuation, income property appraising, subdivision analysis and income valuation. Mr. Harrigan is a State Certified General Appraiser in Maine. He is an active professional and participates in many industry activities. He is an approved FHA appraiser and is also a Practicing Affiliate of the Appraisal Institute and was formerly on the Board of York Cumberland Housing (now Avesta Housing) and the Mortgage Bankers Association of Maine.

Email: dave@mainelandconsultants.com
State of Maine Appraiser License: D Harrigan 2017

Francis R. Montello, Jr., MAI, SRA; Founding Partner and Owner since 1986 (1953-2010)
Frank Montello was one of the founding partners of Maineland Consultants, established in 1986, and he continued in that capacity until his death on September 29, 2010. While Maineland Consultants recognizes that Frank’s presence is no longer here with us we wish to honor his accomplishments and endeavors on our company website as a tribute to a truly remarkable man.

Mr. Montello earned a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and versatile professionals in his field. His professional training began with a dual associates degree in Land Planning and Land Surveying. He then went on to earn his BA in Local and Regional Planning from Plymouth State College. Mr. Montello was active in the industry’s professional associations, both as a practitioner and a teacher. Through the Appraisal Institute and other professional associations, he developed a depth of professional skills. Mr. Montello’s areas of study included courses in all facets of real property appraisals. His professional qualifications included a long list of accomplishments: Member of the Appraisal Institute (MAI); Senior Residential Appraiser (SRA); Certified Maine Assessor (CMA); an Arbitrator with the National Association of Conciliators; and the Environmental Assessing Consultant designation. Mr. Montello was also an approved instructor for a variety of appraisal courses.

Wayne Clarkson, Certified General Appraiser
Email: wayne@mainelandconsultants.com
Appraiser License: Clarkson 2017

Brian P. Diskin, Certified General Appraiser
Email: brian@mainelandconsultants.com
Appraiser License: Diskin 2017

Marc Stanfield, Certified General Appraiser
Email: marc@mainelandconsultants.com
Appraiser License: Stanfield 2017

Dirk E. Thomas, Certified General Appraiser
Email: dirk@mainelandconsultants.com
Appraiser License: Thomas 2017

Michelle Markham, MBA, Certified General Appraiser
Email: michelle@mainelandconsultants.com
Appraiser License: Markham 2017

Jake Tucker, Certified General Appraiser
Email: jake@mainelandconsultants.com
Appraiser License: Tucker 2017

Lori Mortensen Legere, Certified Residential Appraiser
Email: lori@mainelandconsultants.com
Appraiser License: Legere 2017

Ben Harrigan, Certified Residential Appraiser
Email: ben@mainelandconsultants.com
Appraiser License: B Harrigan 2017

Jessica Tamol, Certified Residential Appraiser
Email: jessica@mainelandconsultants.com
Appraiser License: Tamol 2017

Shelly Ranger Reilly, Office Manager
Email: shelly@mainelandconsultants.com

Kerry Atwood, Office Assistant
Email: kerry@mainelandconsultants.com